Badhaai ho

Badhaai ho

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Nakul , is a 25-year-old guy working in a company and is in a stable relationship with his colleague, Renee. He also met with her mom Sangeeta who liked him and approved their relationship. His father Jeetender Kaushik , is a middle-aged man working in the Railways.

He pays them a visit during the weekend.

She also scolds her son everytime as the latter always listen to his wife.

Things were going well but one day, Nakul’s granny taunts his mother and the latter gets upset. His father goes to console her and reads her a poem which he wrote for her.

After that they get intimate. 19 weeks (about 5 months) later, Nakul’s mother becomes ill. She is taken to the hospital. The doctors check her and confirm that they were going to have their third child.

They also tell them that if they want to abort the child, they have to do it within 4-5 days. Priyamvada does not agree to abort the child because she thinks that it is a great sin.

So she decided to go for it.

Kaushik at first hesitates as he feels that it is embarrassing to be a middle-aged parent in the Indian society. He fears that people will make fun of him and his family.

He also thinks that his elder children will never accept their Mother’s pregnancy.

But on Priyamvada’s insistence, he agrees. After reaching home, they call both the elder children and are finally able to tell them that they are becoming parents again. Hearing this, the two get embarrassed and start to avoid their parents, friends and society.

Their grandma also scolded her son and daughter-in-law after hearing this.

Soon, the news is made viral and they are made fun of by the society and even by their relatives and family members.

Nakul also avoids Renee so she goes to his home and finally gets to know about his problem.

Nakul’s parents also like her.

Nakul’s parents ask him and his younger brother to go to Meerut with them for their cousin’s wedding.

Both of them refuse by making excuses, the truth being that they still were not able to get over the embarrassment of their mom’s pregnancy.

This makes their father angry at them and he leaves with his wife and mother.

Meanwhile, Renee offers a room date to cheer him up.

But he is unable to get intimate with her as it reminds him of his mom’s pregnancy.

Later Renee invites him to her mom’s birthday party.

This is when her mom gets to know about his mom’s pregnancy.

She reacts weirdly and speaks ill about his family.

Nakul overhears all and the situation gets worse because he’s drunk.

On the other hand in Meerut, Kaushik’s elder sister-in-law and sister talk harshly with Priyamvada for her late pregnancy, but his mother, for the first time, defends her daughter-in-law and makes them realise their ill-doing and mean attitude towards her.

Kaushik comes and controls the situation.

This is when Nakul’s grandma reveals that she was testing her daughter-in-law all these years.

But she had always admired her and she believes that she cannot ever find a better daughter-in-law than her.

On the other hand, a guilty, drunk Nakul sees scars on Gullar’s face.

Gullar reveals that some boys made fun of his mom’s pregnancy at school and when he responded to them, one of them hit him. Nakul goes to the school the next day and tells Gullar to beat the boy.

Gullar slaps him thrice. Then Nakul goes to meet his friends and when one of them tried to make fun of him, he replies to him as well.

He reconciles with his parents and begins to fulfil his duty as a son. Soon his mother realises that he has had a breakup with Renee and she tells him to apologise to Renee’s mother.

Nakul is not too enthusiastic about the idea but finally agrees.

He goes to Renee’s house and apologizes to her mother wholeheartedly and also invites her with Renee to his mom’s baby shower.

Meanwhile, Priyamvada’s labour pain starts and they immediately take her to the hospital.

Renee’s mom tells her about Nakul’s apology and also tells her that she has forgiven Nakul.

Renee then rushes to Nakul’s home and finally to the hospital.

After the delivery, the doctor announces the birth of a baby girl.

The film ends with a family selfie.

As the end credits roll in, Nakul’s and Renne’s engagement can be seen, with their entire family giving us the feel of a happy ending .

Download Badhaai ho full movie 2018


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